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-Simon Cox -Film Director

(Invasion of planet earth)

"I first met Dawn at an Authorcity book event and straight away, I knew we were kindred spirits. Her passion and dedication for her work and for life in general is just off the scale. When you meet her, you feel her energy and enthusiasm straight away and you are left feeling anything is possible with your own life. She is a unique person who is extremely talented, gets things done and exudes unbounding positive energy that lights up the room. I genuinely feel privileged to call her a friend."

-Des Tong-

Musician, Sad Café bassist

“As a newly published author it is humbling that bestselling D G Torrens has taken time out to give me invaluable advice and help.The friendship extended by fellow writers has been amazing, none more so than from Dawn. Thank you so much, D G."

-Joe Symes-

Musician - Joe Symes and the Loving Kind

Liverpool UK based internationally acclaimed 

Rock/Pop band -

"Dawn is a first class writer and reviewer who has been a great champion of the band for sometime now. 


Her SpilledInk page is definitely a place we’d recommend anyone in the creative world to go to and is without doubt an excellent platform for your work to get great exposure."


Testimonials Books/Film

Word on the Street

-David C Cassidy-Award-winning author of

horror and suspense.


Triumph of the human spirit -

-Paul Rega-Bestselling author of ~ Trail of 32A


A stunning tribute to what the human spirit is capable of

-Scott Bury-Bestselling author of The Children of The Seventh Son -Founder of


D.G. Torrens is one of the most perceptive authors I have ever worked with. Her portrayals of people in crisis, where they don’t know whom to trust—especially themselves and their own feelings—ring absolutely true. In addition, the author-editor relationship with Dawn is so smooth and seamless. D.G. Torrens values excellent writing.

With her characteristic clear, compelling prose, D.G. Torrens leads you on a dark journey, illustrating how easy it can be to empower our abusers. We all need to read this book.

-Maggie K de Monde-

Singer/musician of the band: Swan's Way & Scarlett Fantastic.

The thing I love about Dawn is her passion and positive energy and her absolute faith in believing and making dreams come true!
Undoubtably D.G.Torrens is a talented and gifted writer, both in her novels and her poetry, but also she has wonderful people skills and her bubbly and infectious personality makes her a joy to be around.
I am currently involved with the Contrary Trees film documentary project which along with Martin Tracey, Dawn is producing. This fantastic documentary “Birmingham : a City Rooted in Talent” includes some of Brum’s finest creatives and I’m proud and excited to be both featured in it and narrating it.
I have seen Dawn’s excellent organisational skills, her tireless dedication and her ability to stay calm and composed when the pressure is on. Dawn has a wonderful humility about her which is absolutely charming. A lovely human and a great person to work with. I recommend Dawn, this talented lady, to anyone and everyone who would wish to work with her.

Thank you.
Maggie K de Monde

 -Adrian Goldberg-


"Testimonial coming soon"


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