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D.G. Torrens, a celebrated UK & USA international bestselling Author/Poet, has an impressive literary portfolio, with 24 published books to date, she continues to captivate readers across genres. Currently, she is crafting her 24th book, titled, “TWO FOR JOY” a gripping survivor series novel set for release in May 2025.

Beyond her novels, D.G Torrens has contributed four short stories to multi-author anthologies, including “BRUMOLOGY” and “Love Letters to Water,” with all proceeds benefiting charities. Her literary journey began with the unexpected success of her first book, “Amelia’s Story”, which has been downloaded over 500k times worldwide. Originally penned for her daughter, this true-life story resonated with readers, propelling her into the spotlight. After securing a literary agent,  the agency landed the author a three-book audio deal with for the entire Amelia Series.

D.G. Torrens subsequent works span diverse genres, from military romance to romantic suspense, domestic thrillers, contemporary romance novels, and poetry collections. Her impact extended to the airwaves, where she served as a weekly Headline Reviewer on BBC Radio WM 95.6 FM during 2014/15. Discussing daily headlines with thousands of listeners, she navigated the challenge with grace and wit.

A quote from the author:

“It can be quite daunting discussing the day’s headlines knowing thousands of people are tuning in... You never know when you are going to mess up! Thankfully, with lady luck on my side, I managed to wing it! "

Recently, D.G. Torrens embarked on a new venture: Co-directing her first documentary film titled “Birmingham A City Rooted in Talent.

In the spring of 2023, D.G Torrens conceived an inspiring idea for a film. Driven by her love for Birmingham, UK, she envisioned creating a positive documentary that would celebrate the vibrant city and the remarkable talent that has blossomed there over the decades.. This concept was groundbreaking–a fresh perspective that had never been done before. After extensive discussions with her family and receiving enthusiastic feedback from them, D.G Torrens was resolute in her vision. She sought a co-director and co-producer and reached out to fellow author, Martin Tracey. Together, they formed the film production company Contrary Trees. Productions

A quote by D.G. Torrens: "Not everyone will understand your journey what matters is that you do."

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