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REVIEW: Track of the Month - It's All Too Late, Joe Symes & the Loving Kind

An accoustic pleasure - 'It's All Too Late,' by the Liverpool, UK based band, Joe Symes and the Loving Kind, taken from their upcoming third album "Portmanteau" due out in early 2024.

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind are an extremely popular Rock band from Liverpool, England, and an accoustic pleasure to the ears.

Band Members: Joe Symes (Vocals & guitar), Colin White (Drums &Backing Vocals), and Alan Welsh (Bass Guitar).

The band's latest track, 'Its All Too Late,' is already gaining momentum across the UK with their unique accoustic sound and originality.

I’m writing this while listening to the new track from Joe Symes and The Loving Kind in the background, occasionaly pausing and glancing out into my autumnal garden to take in the song and the gratifying accoustic sound. Another great hit for the band of three.

The coming year-2024 is going to be big for this band with the release of their 3rd album and many gigs that will send their fans into a frenzy! The video is perfectly matched to the song and almost has a nostalgic feel with the images linked throughout casting a perfect backdrop.

The band had great success with their last track - A Place to Call Our Own (A particular favourite of mine!) The song surpassed artists such as: Liam Gallagher and Ed Sheeran in the 365 Radio Top 30 Charts... This is a testament to their unique sound and musical talent.

The band have played live across the UK in HMV stores to adoring fans who travelled the width and breadth of the UK to hear them play live.

Quote From The Band: It’s All Too Late’ has already had international airplay, and reached number 2 in one of the major Rock charts in Australia (Banks Radio Australia Valley FM 85.9), and number 4 in one of the UK’s (the Chart of Gold).’

The band will play Zanzibar in Liverpool on 23 March 2024.

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